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Alec Suttenwood has been interested in wildlife for most of his life and, in recent years, has become more aware of the problems they can encounter, both natural and man-made. Several years ago, he decided to do something about it, and attended a local college to gain some knowledge and qualifications in the rescue and care of injured and orphaned wildlife.

Fundraising is important, and to this end Alec does talks on wildlife in local schools and youth groups, sometimes assisted by one of the animals he is currently treating. Alec believes the raising of awareness is one of the more important objectives on these occasions and will visit and talk to any organisation that is interested. If you want Alec to speak at your organisation, school or event, please feel free to contact him!

Ipswich Wildlife Care and Rescue is available for talks and often does promotion/information sessions at local shops. See the calendar below for our schedule. If you want us to come and speak for your group or school, pleaseeither give us a call on IWCR: (07706) 229 820. Alternatively, you can email us: iwcr@ipswhmichwildlifes.co.uk Please try to give us an idea of the date, time and location of the event you would like us to attend so that we can keep our schedule open.

Handling Birds

Once you have rescued a bird, most should be held around the shoulders to prevent their wings from flapping, and never allow birds near your face. Swans are easily stressed and exhausted, contact your local wildlife rescue centre for assistance. Swans can be scary, and everyone has heard about swans being able to break a mans arm with their wings. If confronted with a swan, give it room, an escape route, and wave your arms, let it get away to a place of safety, near water for example. The care of very young hoglets can be very time-consuming and it would be best to seek advice from a wildlife rehabilitator. Autumn "orphans", i.e. youngsters found alone and under this critical weight after the end of September should be housed indoors (it is worth thinking about over-wintering them if they are exactly on this weight. Contact your wildlife centre if in doubt).

A suitable diet includes minced meat, tinned cat or dog food (not fish-based), chicken leftovers (including carcass) and other forms of protein such as scrambled eggs, chopped peanuts and grated cheese. Fibre should also be given by way of breakfast cereal, crushed unsweetened digestive biscuits or cat biscuits. Fresh water should ALWAYS be available. Cow's milk should NOT be given. It does horrible things to their stomachs!

Single orphan after surveillance: Badger cubs live in family groups in the sett. Tiny badgers will only come above ground if there is a problem. They will also give out very loud distress calls which are best described as "wickering". As with all animals, always observe from a safe distance to ensure the animal is really orphaned.

Common questions about fungal infections

Health is a relationship between you and your body. Therefore, it's important to keep your body free from any discomforts, but we fail to do so. Even a toenail infection could ruin our relationship with our body.

woman bird

The excruciating pain and irritation are too much to handle for anyone. However, this mostly happens due to the lack of treatment. We tend to have so many doubts and questions dealing with this fungal infection.

The first and the commonly asked question is, what is the cost for its treatment? A widespread toenail infection could cost you thousands of dollars. But, I'll introduce a cheaper and effective solution later from http://www.zetaclear.org.uk/.

What is toenail fungus? It's another question that a lot of people usually ask. According to the Global Nail Fungus Organization, Microscopic organisms are the main cause of this infection from worsening. To be more precise, this fungus is dermatophytes.

What are the symptoms of toenail fungus? The symptoms include the formation of dark spots on your toenail, yellowing of the nail, and even malformation. These symptoms can easily be mistaken for your toenail bruises caused by wearing tight shoes.

ZetaClear for fungal treatment

It's the most convenient and efficient treatment for your infection. The 2-in-1 package helps you fight the fungi both from inside and outside. All ingredients used in the making are natural and proven to have no side effects on its users.

Application of the solution three times a day fights off the infection within weeks. The odorless and colorless formula gives no obvious signs, people will not even know that you're using a treatment.

Not many nail fungus treatment includes a homeopathic spray like ZetaClear. The process will no doubt cure your fungal infection, fast! Buying this product will save you thousands of dollars. It gives better results compared to any costly treatments.

Importance of taking care of wildlife

Many people love to go out in the nature and enjoy the wildness and all the wildlife. But what does it take to keep it so beautiful or does it happen just by itself? No, it does not happen just by itself and many people are out there and taking care of our rivers, seas, forests and mountains and all the animals living there.

Everyone has heard of the global warming and everyone knows that the governments of almost every country of the earth are making promises to make everything better in the future and to reduce the CO2 emission and stuff like that. But they are not the only ones who can help, because even you, a little consumer can make huge changes.

How, you may ask. We have the answer for you right here. The nature and wildlife and all the connections between them are very complex. Every part of it is important in the food chain and breaking even one link can make the whole wildlife get out of balance or even collapse. To make sure that does not happen there are many wildlife care and rescue centers with scientists that take care of animals and make sure there is a normal population of every species out there. They are very dedicated to their work and often out in the nature so they don't have time for internet.

Help is always needed

You cannot always be a part of their team directly, but you can help them more than anyone by taking care of your trash. Many things we throw away can harm animals, such as plastic bags, subjects made of hard plastic, especially small and sharp ones also glass and aluminum bottles and cans. Just make sure that you leave nothing behind you, because even food and biodegradable objects can make problems. If you want to feed animals make it from your home, squirrels and birds often come to your backyard, and that is the place where you can leave small amounts of food for them. Anything beside that can only make things worse.

But what is with the individual animals that get hurt? Well, the care and rescue centers are also there for them. They have people who know their way around animals and that know how to make them recover. They also have to find the animals so they are often out in the nature. They are very dedicated to their work and love what they do. If you want to help them and learn more, you can go to your local wildlife care and rescue center and ask them if they need help. Volunteers are often needed and they can easily spread the word to other people and raise awareness in the community. If you don't have time to do that but you still want to somehow be a part of everything than you can make a donation, even small ones can make a change, or you can buy supplies and food they need for the animals.

Make sure you take care of your stuff next time you go out in the nature, because animals were here long before we did and we are the ones who are taking their life space.