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What you can do to save wildlife

If it always easier to not care and don't have responsibility, but once you realize you are a part of this world and you can change things that bother you and even make other people do the same, you will realize it is also your obligation to do so, although it may seem to be the harder way.

You can save so many animals by only taking care of your trash. Not only the one you throw on the sidewalk, forest or river can harm animals, but also the one you throw in the garbage can. This may seem not to be your problem but it is. You always have to care about substances that can be poisoning and harm animals if they get out of their container. Also sharp and small objects can easily get out of the bag or be washed away and end up in the nature where they can become a huge problem. So make sure to secure objects like that and put them together in a bigger box that can't be easily opened.

When you go out in the nature you have to take care about your trash, that knows everyone. What they don't know is that also biodegradable materials and even food can harm the animals. It can attract them to the place you stayed at and left food for them. There they can maybe find thrash other people left that can harm them or they can even eat the food and get sick because of it. Many leave the food in plastic or paper bags, like the animals would care if you let it just on the floor, and when they start eating it they easily eat also the paper or bag. That can cause severe damages in their digestive system and even cause death.

So make sure to leave everything as you found it. Don't give food to animals unless you know it won't harm them and it's suitable for them to eat it. And enjoy the nature and wildlife!