Informations about Ipswich Wildlife Care

Ipswich biodiversity

It is quite hard to find a place where you can enjoy almost everything - sea, nature, animals, old architecture, culture, good food, sport and other things. One of those hard-to-find places is Ipswich. You can actually easily find it on any map, because it is a big city with a huge space around it full of nature.

Since there is a huge space not used by people there must be also a lot of animals. Yes, the wildlife of Ipswich is very diverse and rich and they even have a few animal rescue and care centers that make sure the animals are not threatened. Some species you can find there are quite hard to find, especially some bird species. The Savannah sparrow is a bird species that can be found all around America and many parts of Europe, but there is a subspecies called the Ipswich sparrow that you can see only around Ipswich.

If you want to see some interesting animals in Ipswich you can visit the Baylham House Rare Breeds Farm. Their animals are bred in a traditional environment and it really seems like you are at a farm and not a zoo. The children will love to see how animals can be taken care of and they will be able to take the animals in their hands and see how friendly they are. They even have a small cafe there with homemade food. The people that work there are very friendly and they really want to make sure you have a wonderful time there.

You must have heard about Mable, the owl in Ipswich Christchurch Park. This owl has an unique behavior because she found her place in a hollow on the top of a tree. But more interesting is that she is not threatened by people and that it seems like she really enjoys here time in her top residence in Christchurch Park.

Hope you will be able to explore the wildlife in Ipswich next time you are in the area. If you want some advices on where to go and what you should be careful about make sure to contact a wildlife care and rescue center. They will give you all the information you need.